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Acana Dog Food Review And Ingredients


Based in Alberta, Canada, Champion Petfoods produce this Acana dog food. Orijen is a sister brand to Acana. These two brands are very premium pet foods and are some of the priciest dog foods sold nowadays in the market and online stores. Orijen and Acana foods both produced with fresh local ingredients and they focus in organically fitting diets. There is a greater meat protein substance in Orijen than Acana. There is about 75 percent meat or 40 percent protein in Orijen dog food, while Acana contains around 50 percent meat or 30 percent protein. There is around 30 percent carbohydrate and 15 percent fresh meats in Acana product formulas. There are three fresh meat ingredients in Acana. Both Orijen and Acana have same quality of the ingredients but Acana is priced somewhat lower because of small ingredient differences.

Acana’s lines
There are three lines in Acana product. There are around 60% meats in the Classics line including whole eggs, fence-free Cobb chicken, flounder, and sun-seasoned fruits and vegetables. Regional has low carbohydrates but rich protein, and is completely grain-free. It has around 63% meat and 37 of vegetables and fruits. The first single source organically fitting dog food is Singles. It contains about 47% meats including lamb and duck but no high glycemic grains like corn and rice. It has a low glycemic carbohydrate and hypo-allergenic source with regional developed steel-cut oats. Acana dog food is all kibbles.

Acana dog food contains five main ingredients including deboned duck, showduck meal, steel-cut oats, whole pears and peas. Duck meal has had the humidity removed and is more intense than whole duck that make it a fine basis of meat protein. The deboned duck have moisture as duck meat. Acana claimed human may eat all of the duck in the food. Corn or wheat as the more typical grains is not used as the source of carbohydrate here but the steel-cut oats instead. Oats are good for dogs that have issues with grains.

Peas are the fourth ingredient used and they are getting popular in many dog food companies. They are used instead of grains that dogs have problems digesting. They contain fiber and protein that are cheaper than corn to provide protein for dog. However, peas actually have drawbacks as some dogs may suffer digestive problems and diarrhea in too much level. This is because peas contain fiber that is actually good for ingestion in proper level. Bartlett pears are the fifth ingredient in this Acana dog food which is uncommon for dog food. But, it contains high natural source of choline from fiber and vitamin C which helps dogs absorb food.