Best Dry Dog Food Brands You Should Consider |

Best Dry Dog Food Brands You Should Consider



There are several high-quality dog foods that earn enormous grades from pet-food supporter in the dry food group. They deserve consideration for any of the top-rated foods in the market these days. In the end, your consideration for the best dry dog food is based on accessibility, price, and how much your dog likes or does not.


Orijen Adult Dog Food is a dog food that is grain-free that valued expert critic praise for the best dry dog food. Chicken meal, Boneless chicken, chicken liver, boneless turkey and whole herring are all meat and the main five ingredients.  Along with whole eggs, vegetables and fruits, all these meats are delivered fresh every day to Orijen’s factory in Canada. Nutritional value and ingredient quality, with an obvious absence of notorious or low nourishment ingredients make this dog food receives the top rating. This food has nothing you can mistake for.


Produced by the same Canadian company, Acana is Orijen’s sister brand and is made with the same careful preparation and fresh Canadian recipe but with a bit more carbohydrate and a bit less meat. Acana Burbank Potato and Chicken are added in for less pricey flavors. It also contains grains that are arguable for dog food. But, a high-quality grain for dog food is the steel-cut Alberta oats for the best dry dog food.

Evo and Wellness

These two dry best dry dog food brands have almost the same high score. Both contain no doubtful by-products or synthetic preservatives but they are grain-free. Chicken meal, turkey, chicken, menhaden meal and salmon meal are main ingredient in Evo. Turkey meal, deboned turkey, chicken meal, potatoes and peas are the main ingredient in Wellness Formula. There is completely free of concerns in the two brands experts and most owners rate them high.

Taste of the Wild High Prairie

This brand is the best dry dog food choice if you’re looking for a grain-free, high quality budget friendly dog food. There is no soy, grains, or synthetic preservatives in it, and all ingredients usually added in super-top quality dog kibbles such as beneficial bacteria, veggies and fruits are available in Taste of the wild. The main ingredients include Buffalo meat and venison. But, in case more common proteins cause allergy to your dog or needs elimination diet, avoid these exotic proteins. Other ingredients include chicken meal, Lamb meal, peas and sweet potatoes. There is not too much meat in this food. But, if you want a grain-free choice, it’s a good choice.