Black Gold Dog Food Review And Ingredients |

Black Gold Dog Food Review And Ingredients


There are 4 dry dog foods in the Black Gold Premium Blends product line including Super Blend, High Energy Blend, Puppy Formula, and Performance Blend. They are Black Gold dog food for all life stages that are licensed AAFCO nutrient profiles.

Main ingredients

Beef meal is the first ingredient in this Black Gold dog food. It is a meat concentrate and there is almost 300% more protein it contains than whole beef. Cornmeal is the next ingredient. It is a dried corn that is roughly ground into flour. A dog will only get modest nutritional value with corn so it is notorious cereal grain that is cheap and not an ideal element for dog food. Wheat is the third ingredient which is another cereal grain that is considered to have the same problem as corn. Corn gluten meal is the fourth ingredient. Gluten is the chewy deposit left over after manufacturer has remove most of solemn carbohydrate from corn. There is a lower organic value in this ingredient than meat though there is 60% protein in corn gluten meal. This makes the total protein listed on the label boosted by less pricey plant-based products.

Black Gold Dog Food Review

Secondary ingredients

Chicken fat is the fifth ingredient that is achieved from rendering chicken. This process is the same with making a soup and the fat on the surface of the liquid is skimmed. This ingredient is vital for life as there is high omega-6 fatty acid or linoleic acid. It is essentially a quality ingredient though it appears unpleasing. Chicken by-product meal is the sixth ingredient of Black Gold dog food. It comes from slaughterhouse waste in a dry rendered product form. After all the primary cuts have been removed from slaughtered chicken, what’s left of it is called chicken by-product. This includes the nutritious organ parts, beaks, feet, embryonic eggs excluding feathers. There is almost 300% more protein in by-product meals than fresh chicken as they are meat concentrates. Chicken by-products are a lower quality, cheap ingredient though there are all the amino acids a dog needs in them.

Brewers rice is the seventh ingredient which is a cereal grain by-product. After milling whole rice, the left over is the small fragments called brewers rice. A dog only benefits meek nutritional value from it regardless it contains the caloric energy. Beet pulp is the eighth ingredient in Black Gold dog food which is a by-product of sugar beet handing out that contains high fiber though it is a notorious ingredient.