Canidae Dog Food Review And Ingredients |

Canidae Dog Food Review And Ingredients


There are a range of natural, healthy, and holistic dog food product lines in this premium holistic pet food brand. Canidae Pet Food Corporation is a family-owned company that since 1997 has produced premium dog food. In 2005, their grain-free pet kibble was manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods. Other pet foods are manufactured by American Nutrition. The company’s own facilities manufactured their own food in 2007. Diamond Pet Foods still manufacture Canidae Dog Food though in 2012 they start a new pet food plant facility in Brownwood, Texas.

Canidae Dog Food priceIngredients of Canidae Dog Food are manufactured in the U.S. and human-grade. Their facilities are FDA, USDA, and AAFCO-licensed and USDA-checked meat is added in their formula. They also utilize natural preservatives and first-rate fruits, grains, and vegetables from neighboring farms and use stringent testing measures.


There are recipes for all life stages in most of Canidae Dog Food. Bison, beef, duck, lamb, fish meal and salmon are different protein concentrate sources added into their dog food. Yet, some of Canidae’s recipes have an uncommonly high rice content which is concerned by some dog owners. But, some dog owners would disregard this high rice content because this dog food is easier to digest by older or more food-sensitive dogs due to the low concentration of vegetable proteins.

You will get lots of benefits from this dog food though it is expensive. Canidae uses high-quality human-grade ingredients, so your dog will stay healthy by feeding your dog with Canidae PURE Elements Grain-Free 24-pound bag though you have to spend $50 for it. However, you can save a small number of cash by using Canidae Dog Food coupons. You can acquire these coupons at some dog food website.

Canidae Grain Free PURE Elements

The healthiest line of Canidae Dog Food is perhaps the Grain-Free PURE Elements. There is Fresh Lamb in the PURE Elements recipe. The main ingredient in this recipe is Fresh lamb. This food is absolutely gluten-free, grain-free, and no hormones, antibiotics, or fillers. Older or food-sensitive dogs with digestion issues would be assisted with this formula as there are only 10 key ingredients in it. Peas, sweet potatoes, and chickpeas provide carbohydrates for the food. Dogs with food sensitivities list will take benefit from its small ingredient in this premium dog food product. A range of supply stores and independent pet food across the U.S. sell this dog. You can find the nearest Canidae retail store using store locator that you can find in some dog food websites.