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Dog Food Brands Your Dog Would Love


Looking for a brand and type that your dog would love and reasonably priced may be time-consuming. There are a range of foods at different price points. It is not always healthy choice for your dog to opt super inexpensive brand. But you can start from many fun places. A heavily processed diet won’t do well for your dog’s system over time. So, consider real ingredients and concern about what delicacy you dog get. This to avoid the dog won’t eat the same thing every day. Dog will enjoy eating and feel good so they make more vigor, a shinier coat, and a better lifetime. Here are favorite dog food brands that your best friend has to try out.

Wellness Core
There are 7 dry dog foods in the Wellness Core product line and most of them are AAFCO nutrient licensed. Compared to an average dry dog food brands, their dry product contains above-normal protein, almost-normal fat and under-regular carbohydrate. These ingredients are all very good in addition to loads of flaxseed.

Solid Gold Barking at the Moon
Performance dogs are the target of this Solid Gold Barking at the Moon dog food brands. It is AAFCO nutrient profiles licensed for grown care. Considered as a meat concentrate, ocean fish meal may be considered horrible but it is the first ingredient that is in fact beneficial. Compared to fresh fish, there is nearly 300% more protein it contains. This product is non-ethoxyquin unlike most fish meals so it is the best choice following the amazing name.

Taste of the Wild
There are 7 dry dog foods great Taste of the Wild product line. DogFoodAdvisor awarded five star rating for Taste of the Wild High Prairie Formula which is a good choice. None of their products were under 3.5 but not all did reach top star. Pea protein, a potato protein, flaxseed, peas and garbanzo beans in the food provide protein-boosting result. Dogs of all ages would be ideal with these dog food brands as it’s made with decontaminated water and non-grain.

There are 6 dry dog foods in the Orijen product line. This product has omega-3 fatty acids, herring which is physically high in protein, as well as essential oils. All dogs require these things to keep up life. There are loads of good proteins such as eggs which have probiotics and an extremely high organic value and are very painless to absorb. Probiotics function to boost a dog’s immune and digestive system.