Guide To Pedigree Dog Food Review |

Guide To Pedigree Dog Food Review


Famous as a global candy manufacturer, Mars, Inc. produces Pedigree dog food. With $30 billion yearly sales, Mars is owned by the Mars family based in McClean, Virginia. But, Franklin, Tennessee is where they establish headquarter for pet care division. There are a number of cat foods as well as Nutro and Royal Canin pet foods they produce besides Pedigree Dog Food Review.

For many years, lots of dog shows had been sponsored by Pedigree Dog Food Review as well as the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Yet, they became leaning headed for shelter dog owners over the years as the brand’s viewpoint changed. They featured shelter dogs at the cost of thoroughbred dogs in their commercials and their sponsorship of dog shows are cut. Many dog owners are upset how Pedigree did not make any donations to thoroughbred rescue groups and used the show featured sad shelter dogs as a way to gain fund for shelter dogs. Consequently, to make contributions to shelters and to purebred rescue groups, Pedigree established the Pedigree Foundation.


Canned and dry foods plus snacks and treats are products of the Pedigree brand. There are also foods for weight control, hip and joint health, oral care, and other health issues. Their foods are divided by age group including puppy, grown-up, and senior foods, and by the dimension of the dog including large, medium, small breed. Pedigree Dog Food Review is known to be brand for lower budgets dog owner and offered in grocery stores.


Ground whole corn is the first ingredient in Pedigree Dog Food Review. Corn is an unpleasing ingredient especially if it is the top ingredient in dog food. High quality meat protein is the best ingredient for dog food. Pedigree is the food you have to stay away if your dog develops allergic reaction to corn or other grains. It is difficult to digest corn and cause lots of stool giving fewer nutrients for dog though it will provide some protein and some energy to your dog.

The second ingredient is meat and bone meal which is the rendered product from animal tissues, fur, blood, bone, horn, droppings, and stomach contents. There is lots of protein in it but the source of the meat and bone meal is unknown as it does not state so. Any type of meat may be used to make this item. Most dog owners would not want to feed their dogs with this kind of animal protein in Pedigree Dog Food Review.