Innova Dog Food Review And Ingredients |

Innova Dog Food Review And Ingredients


There are 9 dry dog foods in the Innova product line, 4 for adult maintenance, 4 for all life stages and 1 is AAFCO nutrient profiles licensed for development. Turkey and chicken are the primary two components in this dog food. There is around 80% water in raw turkey and chicken while they are quality substance. Most of that water is gone after processing letting the meat content reduced to only a portion of its native weight. There will be a slighter fraction of the total substance of the completed product in this Innova dog food after processing.

Secondary ingredients
Chicken meal is the third ingredient in this Innova dog food. Regarded as a meat concentrate, compared to fresh chicken, chicken meal holds more protein almost 300%. Barley is the fourth component in the food. As a starchy carbohydrate, Barley provides fiber and many good nutrients. Barley can aid sustain more constant blood sugar intensity not like grains with a greater glycemic level. Brown rice is the fifth component. This complex carbohydrate can be practically easy to absorb after cooked. On the other hand, rice is of simply reticent nutritional value to a dog aside from its natural energy substance. Chicken fat is the sixth component that is acquired from rendering chicken. This process is skimming the fat floating up of the liquid of soup. There is linoleic acid in high level in chicken fat. Chicken fat is essentially a quality ingredient though it sounds very disgusting.

Flaxseed is the seventh component, good omega-3 fatty acids coming from a plant. There is rich soluble fiber in flax seeds and they generally make a meal after been ground. When considering the definite meat substance of this dog food, you must consider that flaxseed has around 19% protein. Peas provide natural taste and contain a quality source of carbohydrates. They have prosperous natural fiber like all legumes. When counting the real meat substance of this dog food, you should consider as peas hold around 25% protein. Sunflower oil is the ninth component in Innova dog food which has similar nutrition to safflower oil. These oils are known having less nourishing than canola or flaxseed oils and hold no omega-3 but high in omega-6 fatty acids.

Other items
Innova dog food also contains menhaden oil which is naturally rich in the DHA and EPA type of omega-3 fatty acids. These two premium fats provide the highest bio-accessibility for living things. Menhaden live in mid-depth ocean habitat so they are not exposed to mercury contamination unlike deeper water fish.