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List Of Best Dog Food For Puppies


You can bring joy to your family with a new puppy. If there is a new pup and he’s hungry, it is time for you to prepare love and companionship. But, when it comes to what to feed your new furry friend, there is a puzzling range of choices. In these first weeks, your puppy is growing 20 times quicker than a juvenile adult dog so it is important feeding him with the best puppy food. Obesity, allergies, and joint problems are future health problems you should prevent in these first months from the establishing healthy patterns. The whole thing your little buddy needs will be fulfilled for a long healthy life with best dog food for puppies.

Nutrition guide

A 15-lb bag of high grade best dog food for puppies cost $47 while the bargain brand with the same weight cost only $11. The food’s general nutrient density and the quality of the ingredients affect the difference. Without driving up the cost, most cheap brands kibble add weight with fillers like meat by-products or wheat which is the downside of this food. Joint and bone issues in a fast-growing puppy are serious problems if they are given over or insufficient vitamins, protein, or minerals. There will be solid, healthy growth in your buddy with a puppy food with balanced nutrition to provide energy. A bag of the cheapest puppy food provides less long energy than a bag of good stuff. Your pup won’t have to eat too much to get all its protein from high nutrient concentration in quality dog foods.


There should be a simple whole animal product like lamb, chicken, or salmon in the list of the very first ingredient. Protein is the pup’s primary nutritional main concern that should come from a quality source. Another ingredient is healthy grains to provide carbohydrate for puppy. However, many manufacturers try to keep the kibble price down using lots of corn or wheat as cheap carbohydrates. They are just calories for your dogs. At sensible levels, the best dog food for puppies should contain maize, rice, oats, or buckwheat as grains.

To maintain energy and overall health of your puppy, the best dog food for puppies should contain natural fats and oils. Your puppy will have shine coat and strong muscles if you give food containing excellence plant and animal sources with lots of quantities of fats and oils. Vitamins C, A, E, calcium, B-complex, phosphorus, Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids are essential vitamins and minerals that should be available in the dog food.