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Naturals Diamond Dog Food Reviews And Ingredients


Situated in Meta, Lathrop, Missouri, South Carolina, California and Gaston, Schell and Kampeter, Inc. is a family-owned enterprise who own Diamond Pet Foods, Inc., that produce Diamond Naturals dog food. Diamond Naturals contains all-natural, holistic ingredients as a natural diet. There is no soy, corn, or wheat in their lamb meal and rice dog food but the company makes the food with purified water in the steam. They add animal sources of protein, antioxidants, natural fiber ingredients and a blend of omega fatty acids in their food. At the moment, there is only dry kibble in its Diamond Naturals product line for a cat and dog. They use natural preservatives but no hormone and antibiotic. Diamond dog food reviews use Fish meal but ethoxyquin is not used to preserve fish meal.

Main Ingredients
A concentrated version of lamb is lamb meal and it is the first ingredient in the Diamond dog food reviews. Lamb meal has had most of the moisture removed and has several times more protein than in whole lamb though many people prefer to have whole lamb in the food than lamb meal. It is an outstanding dog food element as a meat protein. The next ingredient is ground rice and it supply carbohydrates that are slower digested. Rice is accepted well by the majority of dogs and after eating the dogs will feel fullness. Dog would be able to digest rice if it is well cooked and set.

Other sources of carbohydrates that are also slow-digesting are cracked pearled millet and barley. Instead of quick-release energy, this ingredient will be long-term energy for your dog. The fifth ingredient is chicken fat conserved with a vitamin E form which is a good fat. Therefore, there are 3 slow-discharge carbohydrates, one good meat protein supply, and a good animal fat. This means Diamond dog food reviews contain not as much meat protein in the majority of the ingredients.

Other Ingredients
Outside chelated minerals and vitamins, other fewer amounts of ingredients are added in the Diamond dog food reviews. Chelated or proteinated minerals are minerals that are added with amino acids to allow your dog to digest and exploit them easier. Quality dog foods often use this ingredient. Egg products are also added to the food. Dogs digest this good source of nutrients and high protein source easier. There is also rice bran in the product but since it is the same ingredient source with rice, so it suggests the practice of splitting. There are plenty of magnesium, fiber, manganese, and other vitamins like niacin, thiamin, and vitamin B6 in rice bran.