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Orijen Dog Food Review And Ingredients


There are seven dry dog foods in the Orijen product line, one for grown-up care and six is AAFCO nutrient profiles licensed for every age. Chicken is the main ingredient in this dog food. There is around 80% water in this quality raw chicken. There will be a portion of its native weight after cooking dropping the meat content after losing most of that water. The finished product of Orijen dog food includes a smaller ingredient of the total substance of this piece after processing.

Additional substances
Chicken meal is the second component in Orijen dog food which is known as a meat concentrates and compared to fresh chicken it has more protein for almost 300%. Chicken liver is the third component which is a beneficial component for an organ meat. Additional premium raw substances are herring and turkey for other two ingredients. The finished product is a smaller piece of the total substance after processing. One more protein-rich meat concentrate is turkey meal as the sixth component. Turkey liver is a valuable component as the seventh component which is an organ meat of the Turkey. Whole eggs are the eighth component. There is an extremely high organic value in eggs and are effortless to absorb.

Walleye and salmon are the other two components which are high in protein. Omega 3 fatty acids are also rich which are essential oils required by living things to keep living. The finished product results into a smaller fraction of the total substance after processing. Chicken heart is other components which contains high minerals, quality protein, and B complex vitamins. There is all meat and pure muscle in heart tissue but it sound disgusting to eat. Chicken cartilage is another ingredient in Orijen dog food containing both chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine. These natural materials help to support joint fitness. This dog food also contains herring meal and salmon meal. They are high protein meat concentrates needed by dogs.

Additional items
These components are not possible to influence the general evaluation of this Orijen dog food. Green and red lentils are added into the product. Lentils are rich in natural fiber and a value source of carbohydrates. There is approximately 25% protein in lentils so you must consider this when counting the amount of meat content of this product. Chickpeas or garbanzo beans is available in this product. The chickpea is one of the fiber-rich legumes with high level of nutrition similar to bean, peas, and lentils.