Stella & Chewy Dog Food Review And Ingredients |

Stella & Chewy Dog Food Review And Ingredients


Only USDA-approved, free-range, human grade meats and the freshest organic produce used as Stella & Chewy’s ingredient. You can help provide healthy life and strengthen immune system of your dog with this dog food that contains high quality ingredients. Antibiotics or hormones are not available in this food because only naturally raised raw beef is used in this great fresh recipe. Dogs with sensitive stomachs or food allergies would be pleased with this appetizing grain-free meal. Fillers, grain, artificial colorings, preservatives, added antibiotics or hormones are the common suspects that are not listed in the label of Stella & Chewy dog food.

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Several raw foods could cause sickness to you or your dog as they may have bacteria so you should remember that it is important the correct handling of raw foods regardless of this Stella & Chewy dog food contains the high quality ingredients. No plant based protein boosters used in this raw dog food recipe. There is a less than normal percentage of carbohydrates and a considerable amount of meat in this frozen raw dog food.

The main ingredient of Stella & Chewy dog food is beef which is a high quality ingredient with plenty useful nutrients. Dogs will love this extremely digestible and very tasty meat source. Yet, if there are health problems in your dog, you should reserve beef meat to a minimum as it contains high levels of cholesterol. Dogs with renal and urinary problems should avoid high purines and other minerals content in red meats. Consult to your vets about the advantages and detriments of beef if your dog has specific health condition.

The next ingredient in Stella & Chewy dog food is among the most concentrated sources of natural vitamin A which is the beef liver. As a great antioxidant and maintain healthy reproductive organs, it supports in digestion with natural vitamin A. there is a high amount of B vitamins and folic Acid in liver. Vitamin B12 in Liver also benefits for mental skill, fatigue, plus avoid anemia. Brain function and development, and formation of hemoglobin are some functions in the body supported by iron in liver.

Supplements and added chemicals

To help the pet with digestion, enzymes are added into dried fermentation products. Minerals that have been chemically bond to protein or Chelated minerals are added to help dogs digest minerals. There is no a synthetic color, dyes, or preservatives added into this Stella & Chewy dog food so you will sure this food is safe for your dog.